Meyer Group, P.C. is a multi-disciplinary resources and service based architectural firm. Through our progressive and forward-thinking, planning, and design process, we provide superior quality, and responsible and environmentally sound design solutions for a range of projects. All aspects of our business are centered on building responsive relationships with our clients.



Any firm can design a building based on what it is supposed to be and do. It takes insight and experience to understand the needs and visions that clients bring to their projects.

At Meyer Group, we listen first and design second, to assure that we create value added solutions that represent the best possible incarnation of each client’s project.

Project Management

Sound project management is all about communication, and it’s something that we pride ourselves on at Meyer Group. Internally, we function as a team, assuring an efficient and streamlined design and production process that keeps costs down and schedule adherence high. We treat each client as a member of our team, providing consistent updates, responsiveness, and feedback.


We focus on master planning and land use. Effective consideration of the long-term life of a project is essential to its success. Master planning is a fitting aspect of our business, as we aim to create lasting, positive results– in the structures we design, the communities we help to grow and develop, and the relationships we nurture.

Owner’s Representation

Every project, whether large or small in scope, requires the talents of a team of competent individuals. With many disciplines of professionals involved in differing capacities, knowledgeable oversight is essential to a positive project outcome.

Meyer Group offers experienced owner’s representation to assure that a client’s interests– and their budgets– remain a central concern throughout the life of a project.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services offer clients the freshest technological advantages available. From renderings to branding, we provide forward-thinking images and messages that embody the visions clients seek to realize in a project.

Interior Design

Interior design is an integrative process that goes hand in hand with the architecture and site. In order to arrive at the most appropriate, creative and functional design, we allow the building’s architecture to inform each and every design decision, from the site through the shell and into the occupied interior environment.

We shape the built environment for enjoyment, communication, function and pleasure.

Landscape Architecture

We understand that site and building work hand-in-hand to foster a strong design relationship between interior and exterior. Our in-house landscape architecture department works directly with architectural and interior design departments throughout the design process to provide comprehensive, integrated solutions that blur design boundaries. We offer comprehensive solutions to support all of your site design and construction needs: from urban streetscapes to ecosystem restorations, planting- to grading and drainage design. Each and every design is as important to us as it is to you, and tailored to capture each and every unique aspect of the site. We pride ourselves on an extremely high level of detail in creating your design in your vision while always respecting and revealing the natural process at work.