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For every project Meyer Group Architecture works on, we always have a sustainability mindset on products and materials that can be used. Meyer Group’s approach to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability includes offering a wide range of inexpensive, cost effective techniques for clients. We offer implementation of energy efficiency, day lighting, the use of recycled materials, the use of rapidly renewable materials, and efficiency in space planning. Additionally we make use of low VOC paints, adhesives, and low off-gassing particle board products as part of our standard specifications. Overall, our mainstream design process is a “Green” design process, allowing for our clients to pick and choose which Green strategies are to be utilized in their Architecture and Interior Design. We emphasize that green design does not need to be more costly, but rather more “intelligent” design.

& Energy Efficiency

Sustainability and life-cycle design is important to provide a cost-effective solution for both initial development and operations, while minimizing maintenance costs over the life of the facility. Meyer Group Architecture has completed many Green/Sustainable facilities utilizing LEED Sustainability Design Guidelines.

Key Design Elements

  • Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings, and Energy Improvements
  • High Performance Building Envelope Design
  • Integrate Sustainable Design into the entire Design Process
  • Cycle of Use and Program require simple but well-designed construction
  • Detailing for long-life and low maintenance, durability
  • Flexible, low energy systems that take advantage of passive strategies to the greatest extent possible
  • Incorporate sustainable and use of recycled materials

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